The 1930s saw the rise of the “hero” Pulps, magazines dedicated to one fantastic character. Or team of characters. Doc Savage and his amazing aids, Monk, Ham, Renny, Johnny and Long Tom, jet all over the world to solve cases. The North Pole (and the South once too), of course, is not neglected. The plots are pretty similar, with a gang of villains working out of the frozen world of ice and snow, and Doc and his men going to the ice flows to solve whatever mysterious business they are getting into. Most of them were written by Lester Dent but not quite all. The Pulp covers were done by Walter Baumhaufer and the book covers by James Bama. The editors created blurbs to promote each story.

The Polar Treasure (Doc Savage, June 1933) Lester Dent

A map tattooed on the back of a blind violinist leads Doc’s submarine Helldiver to the frozen north and a fabulous treasure. But Doc’s crew is doubly-betrayed and stranded on the ice floes to die! Helldiver was inspired by the real-life Arctic submarine Nautilus.

The Mystery on the Snow (Doc Savage, May 1934) Lester Dent

In the frozen north, trying to secure a miracle metal, Doc and his crew fight fierce cold, kidnappings, treachery, mysterious disappearances – and the advances of a dark-eyed girl-detective named Midnat D’Avis.

Quest of Qui (Doc Savage, July 1935) Lester Dent

Vikings attack a luxury yacht off New York while invisible killers commit murder with alarm clocks. Venturing north, Johnny is frozen in Arctic ice while Doc’s crew is enslaved by the keepers of “Qui”.

Haunted Ocean (Doc Savage, June 1936) Lawrence Donovan

As strange disturbances emanate from the ocean floor, a world-famous oceanographer turns up dead at Doc’s door. After New York City’s power is shut off for several hours, the President himself asks Doc to intervene on behalf of the United States against the threat of “The Man of Peace” to destroy every nation’s capability to make war, even in self-defense.

The South Pole Terror (Doc Savage, October 1936) Lester Dent

A boat turns up in Long Island Sound, its passenger dead from acute sunburn. The solution to this mystery takes Doc and his crew to Antarctica, racing adventuress Velma Crale, who seeks a fabulous treasure of platinum and gold and will stop at nothing to get to it first.

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Fortress of Solitude (Doc Savage, October 1938) Lester Dent

The deepest mysteries of Doc Savage are finally revealed as John Sunlight, poetic genius of evil, discovers the innermost secrets of the Arctic refuge known as the Fortress of Solitude. Here Doc has hidden the super-scientific weapons confiscated during the course of his career along with inventions of his own for which the world is not yet ready.

Peril in the North (Doc Savage, November 1941) Lester Dent

250 people abandoned in the Arctic will die, but Doc must solve the mystery of a blue dog and a dead dictator before he can race to their rescue.

The Magic Forest (Doc Savage, April 1942) William G. Bogart/Lester Dent

Doc and his aides thread a silent Alaskan forest and trek across a blinding glacier to find a man bent on revenge to protect his “Magic Forest”.

The Lost Giant (Doc Savage, December 1944)

Disguised as a ski bum and gangster, Doc infiltrates a spy ring bound for the frozen north to find a world leader gone missing!

Return From Cormoral (Doc Savage, Spring 1949) Lester Dent

An heir to a billion-dollar empire suddenly has “predictive luck” that sends Doc jetting from Florida to the Arctic on a frantic rescue mission!