North-West Stories and then later North-West Romances was the Northern Pulp. No other magazine specialized in an all-Northern format. Adventure, Thrilling Adventures, Short Stories, all used Northerns but only as part of a general “adventure” theme.

North-West Stories was a Fiction House publication, so its sister magazines included Jungle Stories, Planet Stories, and the usual raft of Westerns, detective and aviation Pulps. Beginning as Novelets in December 1923, the magazine changed its title and format with the May 1925 issue. Originally the magazine was conceived as a venue for longer general adventure fiction but with the title change the editors took a gamble on the Northern. The title would change again in Fall 1937. The substitution of “Stories” for “Romances” implies the company felt the stories would appeal more to women.

Writers for the magazine included Owen Finbar, Fredrick Nebel, Dan Cushman, John Starr, Ralph R. Perry, William B. Mowery, Sewell Paslee Wright, Victor Rousseau, H. S. M. Kemp, A. DeHerries Smith, Eli Colter, Jim Kjelgaard, C. V. Tench, R. S. Lerch, William Heuman, Les Savage Jr., Tom O’Neill, Lee Floren, Giff Cheshire, C. Hall Thompson and so many others. Western writers, Science Fiction writers, Horror writers, Mystery writers, every kind of Pulpster you can imagine.

Some issues you may want:

Fall 1942

Summer 1943

Fall 1946

Summer 1948

Winter 1950

Winter 1951