A busy Pulp writer exploits all possible markets. R. S. Lerch was one of these largely anonymous scribes, penning mostly Westerns but also Mystery and even a little Science Fiction under the pseudonym, R. L. Sherman. But like many Western writers, he wasn’t loath to go north and write a Northern or two. (Or nine, in this case.) He started doing so for Thrilling Adventures but moved to North-West Romances for most of them.

Lerch’s “Roamer of the Wilderness” (Thrilling Adventures, January 1941) features a mysterious character named Dale Hackett, who goes by the sobriquet of “the Lynx”. The Lynx is rich because he found a secret mine that finances his exploits for helping the weak in the North. He has a dog companion named King who travels with him in his silent canoe as he slips in and saves the day before disappearing like his elusive namesake. I suspect Lerch was trying to set up a series but I can’t find any other Hackett stories so I guess it didn’t catch on. It is interesting to see a little of the Hero Magazine formula (ala Doc Savage or The Lone Ranger) here.

“Klondike Trail” (Thrilling Adventures, June 1942)

“Timber Pirates” (North-West Romances, Spring 1944)

“Queen of the Silent Muskeg” (North-West Romances, Winter 1945-46)

“The Phantom Freebooters” (North-West Romances, Spring 1945)

“Dead Trail” (North-West Romances, Fall 1945)

“The Crimson Cache” (North-West Romances, Spring 1946)

“Saskatchewan War” (North-West Romances, Winter 1946-47)

“Beyond the Malemute Pass” (North-West Romances, Winter 1947-48)