It may seem strange that I am promoting another bookseller but the simple fact is I don’t write Northerns (not yet!) and I want you to find the works about the North. One publisher I can personally vouch for is Black Dog Books. I have The Best of Adventure Vol 1 as well as In the Grip of the Minotaur and The Black Death. All wonderfully edited and quality made books. (My one and only gripe is the text size is smaller than I like, but when you are getting older….) Now if you’ve been visiting this site you know there is plenty of free and public domain stuff out there, but if you are looking to purchase trade paperbacks to collect or are looking for later writers, BDB may be for you.

I just want to say again, I’m not associated with BDB or getting any kind of a kick-back here. If Doug Ellis wants to do an all-Northern collection, I would consider that payment enough. If he needs any suggestions on stories or authors….

All the cover images and logo used here are copyright of BDB. Here are their two Northern and Frontier titles. Links below for more info: