This one is a little special. I write about authors, all gone to the writers’ Valhalla, and their names are like golden things, special and a little unreal. But A. deHerries Smith is different. He actually touched a part of my own life. And because of this he seems more real, more human.

August William deHerries Smith was born in Cork, Ireland but lived and wrote in Canada. He married Maria Ann Birnie (1885-1989) on April 21, 1908 in Paddle River, Alberta. They had nine children.

Smith had his Thunderbolt’s Tracks made into a silent picture in 1927. His biggest book was Drums of the North (1928). “Lima Bellerose, daughter of the Lord of the trading post of Dahadinni – with a negligible strain of Indian blood in her veins – wages a lone fight against the woman from the great outside for Bruce Redwood, white lord, man of her choice.”

Their sons, Cedric and Desmond, served in the navy and air force and both died in World War II. Augustus died shortly after. He is buried in Edmonton Cemetery, on December 14, 1945.

Now the connection. My dad’s family are from Mayerthorpe, Alberta. The Paddle River is a short river that runs through the area. (It begins around Mayerhorpe and runs east to Barrhead. It was named such because it is an easy river to paddle.) I spent my childhood visiting my Uncle Sven’s farm along the Paddle River. In fact, my dad and his dad are buried beside that river. My father was born close by. He grew up there, never knowing that in the same area was a writer of the kinds of stories he liked. (Granted, my father always preferred the non-fiction to fiction variety.) I want to return to Mayerthorpe and find where the Smiths lived. (This will be very difficult since all of Gus and Maria’s children are gone.) I want to visit his grave in Edmonton. I would love to talk to any of his great-grand kids. I have so many questions but few people remain to answer them.

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