Art by Allen Dean

Zane Grey, like Edgar Rice Burroughs, was one of the genre giants to rise up out of Argosy at the turn of the century. Using Grey’s name as a draw, Zane created then wrote the strip but later turned it over to Stephen Slesinger

and Gray’s son, Romer. Unlike most Northerns, King’s adventures happen in present time not in the 1890s. Allen Dean did the art while Zane wrote the script. He quit when Slesinger and Romer took over. It was then drawn by Charles Flanders. A comic collection of the strip was released in 1937 called Arctic Law. The comic strip spawned Big Little Books, the radio show Challenge of the Yukon and other ancillary items like a movie serial in 1940. A feature version was released as The Yukon Patrol in 1942.

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King’s first seven appearances at Dell were in Four Color Comics (beginning with #207, December 1948) but later he had since own series. The advent of serials finding their way onto television probably explains the sudden interest in a character two decades old. The Dell comic book version ran 21 issues from June-July 1952 to March-May 1958. The first issues featured art and story by Jim Gary and later Gaylord Du Bois writing and Stan Campbell and Bob Fujitani on art.